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    I've been working in property maintenance for about 7 years.

    I have about 6 years exp with repairing furnaces and 4-5 reapairing the mechanical and electrical portions of A/C, and 1 year with my EPA universal cert.

    I know it sounds funny put like that, but for the first couple years, the company I worked for didn't want to invest in the equipment and training so just contracted out anytime an A/c seemed to have a refrigerant related problem.
    I think it was after a very expensive 2002 that my supervisor convinced the owners that he knew enough about A/c that if he got a big raise, he would do the work, and it would be cheaper for them. So in 2003 he took the epa test and after his second try got type 1 certified. That summer (2003) he tried to teach me what he knew, but that amounted to "beer can cold" and "because I said so" when I asked questions. I didn't think I could afford school, so I started reading books at the library and found this site.

    In 2004 I was trying to understand some of the stuff I was reading and when I'd ask more specific questions and try to talk about the how's and why's I'd get "that's a stupid question, get all that tech book bull**** out of your head that isn't the way it is in the real world". I probly should have paid for the epa test myself that year and left, but things didn't work out that way.

    In April of this year, I finally could afford to go to night school, and had decided to look for a new job as soon as I got epa certified, which would be taken about half way thru the 10 month course. I didn't tell anyone at work I was in school because I knew it'd just cause conflict with my supervisor. After I was in school for about a month my supervisor got tired of doing after hours and weekend A/C calls and said I knew enough to do them (which I did, but no thanks to anything he taught me). He convinced the company to pay for me to get certified, got Universal on the first try. I know, not such a big deal, but I was lead to belive it was a hard test and the reason why the company wouldn't pay for me to take it in 2004 was because my supervisor said I wouldn't pass because he hadn't trained me enough yet.

    Unfortunately for me my summer was cut short when I broke 3 bones in my foot, it was a non-work related injury and I lost my job.

    Trying to cut this long story short, the doctor is clearing me to go back to work in January, and I'm looking for a full time job doing some sort of HVAC work. I have lots of experince doing PM's and repair's. Almost none doing installs.

    Email is my user name @hotmail(dot)com
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    sounds typical with your supervisor....

    although on the other side of the spectrum we have know it alls who will share all thier knowledge but haven't been trained properly themselves.

    10% knowledge 90% conscience and you will succeed.
    We have people who learned thier bad habits from thier bosses and thier bosses learned thier bad habits from thier
    bosses. Not realizing thier downfalls thinking they're right all along. Blind leading the blind.

    Look for someone who has a heart for doing things right
    someone who isn't price driven, someone who does neat work and cares about what kind of work he does.

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    If as you say, you are in the Detroit area, CALL Abbco heating & cooling at 1-586-567-8160 I know that he is a 1 man opp. and will teach you personally. You will learn togerther. I work with him on a as needed bases.[retired] You let him know that I sent you there.

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