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    Hello all,

    I would like to seek the advice from some experienced HAVC tech's. I'm an automobile technician (12 yrs) and have reached the point that I can't stand it any longer...I have an opportunity to enter the HVAC field and would like to get your pro's/con's of the trade. Anyone else here made a similar transition? If you could go back and start over, would you do it again? What is the best/worst part of the job?


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    the grass ain't any greener...

    on this side of the fence. Work in an attic mid-day
    in july and you'll see.

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    most people are in this field cause they like it or it's all they know-you might try reading a textbook or something and maybe hang out if possible with someone in the trade or observe. don't do it for the money or ..... only if you like it once you have observed at some point
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    stick with the commercial side of the field and stay out of those attics,that auto experience will be a BIG plus we use the same tools in tight spaces.that electrical 12V troubleshooting will be an easy transition into 24V/115v control work and you'll need some hands trainiing on the line voltages and their differences.hook up with a fast track commercial group and in 2 summers you'll be in a van doing your own thing. good luck
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