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    Oh the quiteness...

    I can barely hear the new Goodman system run.

    The installer told me it's gonna be much quiter, but didn't expect such a difference. He also said the new refigerant cools better than the ol R22 freon and I concur.

    Now, the painfull part.....writing the check.

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    Glad to hear from a happy homeowner. Sounds like you found a good dealer. Sign on the dotted line and enjoy the quiet & comfort for years to come

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    Quote Originally Posted by BaldLoonie View Post
    Glad to hear from a happy homeowner.
    Agreed, so much of the time all we hear are the complaints. It's SO nice to get positive feedback, it restores my faith of 100 complaints about bad contractors.
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    Just glad to be reporting it's a VAST improvement.

    Still have the 20 yr ol AC downstairs and it's interesting to be able to actually compare the difference between the two. Sounds like a jet taking off down here compared to the quiet upstart on second level.

    I'm all about giving props when deserved. I offered ice water all day long and they accepted most times....I even carried down that massive old drain pan from the attic...all by myself!

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    post some pictures of this new install

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    Quote Originally Posted by catmanacman View Post
    post some pictures of this new install
    I'll try. My camera skills are weak....stay tuned.

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    [QUOTE=nctechpro;11348312Just not worth having quoted[/QUOTE]

    Don't ......feed......troll.
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