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    Spent 9 dreaded years of my life working for those miserable pukes. They don't care anything about you or your family. I did the 2-300 mile days all spring and summer just to work 30 hours in the winter. When I was there, 30% of your review was based on additional sales and service agreements. It's all about how much money you make them on selling stuff instead of how well you fixed things. People are rewarded for being dishonest. I worked with a guy who would sell a service agreement on a refrigerator that had a bad compressor, then come back a week later and put a new compressor in for them. What kind of business sense does that make? That guy got a 5% raise and multiple awards. Finally you just can't take anymore.

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    I worked for Sears too in appliance repair. No problem in getting paid, but it was the worst job I've ever had in my life. After they figure how to stretch you, they stretch you more. I have a friend who's been working there for close to 30 years. They run his ass ragged.

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