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Thread: Furnace leak

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    Furnace leak

    Hi All,

    I just noticed this leaking on my furnace today. It is 12 yrs old. Can anyone tell by the picture what the problem is and what I am facing for a repair?
    I usually fix stuff on my own, but this looks serious. It appears to be from behind the round plate / orange gasket.

    Ed in CT

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    It looks like you have a boiler.Can't tell from picture but appears to be domestic hot water coil gasket is leaking.If so,get professional help for the repair.Hope this helps.

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    From the picture you show multiple leaks. Contact a boiler company

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    Thanks for the advice and HVAC-TALK My plumber said this could be due to loose bolts and the fact that we lost power for 6 days allowing the boiler to cool down for the first time in 12 years. He tightened the bolts and said to keep an eye on it. If it still leaks, he will replace the gasket.

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