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    hobart LXiH dishwasher

    im servicing a hobart LXiH dishwasher. of course hobart wont release the service manual. initially the unit wouldnt heat the water. i found one of the wires at the heater contactor burnt in half. i replaced the contactor and the wire itself (the insulation had melted back considerably). now the water heats up to around 165 degrees, but the wash cycle wont start. it continues to flash fill (indicating the heaters are on) indefinately and then for no apparent reason it either starts to fill the washer again or it goes off on error E4. ive been through the list of possibilities for E4 (listed in the users manual) and none seem to apply. the only thing i cannot do from that list is delime the unit and i cannot delime it because it wont go into delime mode. i hold delime and power up the unit and delime comes on with fill and both blink continually until the unit tries to fill itself again. i have made certain all of my water level probes are clean.

    if anybody has a service manual they would share or words of advice on where to start it would be sincerely appreciated.

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    In my previous life, I worked for a Hobart branch. I remember one LX dishwasher that was locked in the type of cycle that you mentioned, but that one had a couple of pushbuttons stuck on the control panel. I wound up replacing the front control panel/bezel and the mother board.
    Sorry, but I do not remember much else. Are you sure that none of the control wires to the board did not get burned?

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    Is the booster heater working? The unit will not do a final fill until the booster reaches 180 degrees or 8 minutes has elapsed. You can bypass this by opening the control drawer, using a female spade terminal to jump out the door switch, turning the unit on, then holding down the up arrow button on the control board after the initial fill. My hunch is you have either a bad set of rear probes (doubtful) or a bad control board (more likely). Good luck!

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    there are led's on the main board that will tell you what probes are seeing water. I have seen soap get into the plugs behind machine and completely foul everything up.

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