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    The facility I work for has a commercial size kitchen with a total of 20 hot/cold faucets (this includes 4 bathrooms)a commercial size dishwasher, and one residencial size washer/dryer. Would a tankless water heater work in this size facility? It is presently supplied by a Parker WH-300 Hot Water Boiler which has a leak in the tube bundle and is 25 years old. We want to apply best Energy Effecient System.

    Thanks for suggestions.
    (a blue collar maintenance guy)

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    It would work but you would need to calculate the GPM requirements for worst case situation and then match it with the corresponding # of tankless heaters.I have one in my house and it flows 8 GPM, so you would need possibly 6 of these .Your gas line would not be large enough and the venting is expensive.Most commercial applications , they would put these outside and pipe water up(cheaper).

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    Why not use a gas boiler (Modcon) & storage tank?

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    How about electric ones. They can flow up to 12 gpm's depending on the delta T you need.

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