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    chiller oil exodus

    I have a carrier 19xrv, 350 ton. We have been having issues with oil leaving the transmission. We have to choke down the guide vanes to get the oil to return. Recently started. Any clues? Thanks in advance
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    The first thing to do if you haven't done it is change the oil filter on the oil skimmer line comming off of the chiller barrel. The filter looks like a filter drier, but it isn't. It is just a filter.

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    When you say "recently started", does that mean by Carrier? As in new equipment start up? If so, I would call them with any issues. It might prevent any warranty issues. Plus I would hold them responsible for it until any and all ...problems... are resolved. This goes for any manufacturer, of any equipment. If you mean the problem recently started, then uhhh, nevermind.

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    Is this oil loss occuring now that we have cooler nites . Check your tower temps not sure about newer Carriers but the old ones didn't like cold tower water .
    is this really happening or not

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    could be a number of things...a log would help but like nulclrchiller mentioned depending on how "new" of a start-up it may be something Carrier should be looking into for you. Alot of new XRV's have this issue..charge,lift settings(p1-t1 etc), min drive speed etc could contribute to issue aswell as cond water temp as mentioned.

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