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    I am in the process of putting in a climate controlled storage facility and was needing some advice on installation of duct as well as the sizing of the a/c unit I will be needing. I will have a total of 4300 sq. ft. of which I will be making climate control. The climate controlled part of the building is approx. 70'x60' with a little extra for a hall way. I have heard that usually you use about a ton per 1200 sq. ft. for this type of application and would appreciate any information that anyone gives!!!!

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    It depends on a lot of things. What goes on in the space, how much lighting, the volume of the space, how much insulation, what area of the country, what temp. are you hoping to maintain.

    I think in crayfish country 1200 ft² ton will be a very warm and muggy building.

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