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    Sani-serv faceplate cracking

    Customer has a Sani-serv model 404 soft-serve machine. They have been going through a face plate every 6 months or so - cracking in the middle where the plastic center rod that sits in the dasher assembly rests.

    They are not over-tightening the knobs, not running any parts through the dishwasher...

    The dasher runs free and smooth. The rear bearing is good (fairly new). Seals and o-rings are all good and lubed. Product is good and normal consistancy.

    I'm kind of at a loss... is anybody else running into this?

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    Yep, I know they tell you they put it together right. You cant be there every time they take it apart or put it together. They drop them or over tighten them a lot. I have a couple of places that crack the face plates on a regular basis. I have several that never have an issue with them. Best thing I can tell you is the same person putting the machine together and taking it apart if so show them how to tighten the knobs evenly as tight is diffrent to everybody. Good luck.

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