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    i had already replaced my compressor 3 times in a short span f time due to same problem, the mechanical side was always stuck up. what could be the caused of it? Brand: Tecumseh, Model#: RJA9513Z, R404A

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    My guess would be the person doing it does not know what they are doing. Best bet would be to find a real professional to do it. Sometimes we spend more money trying to save money.
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    It is not the compressor

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    It is not the compressor. Ok, here are a few ideas...

    1. If it was replaced by the same person there is a 90%+ chance it was improper installation.

    2. Are there any restrictions in the refrigerant piping? Does the filter dryer (if there is one) have a significant temperature drop from one side to the other? Are there kinks in the line set? Is the evaporator metering device working properly? These three items can kill compressors, and if it was installed properly and is still dying this regularly then there is a problem that has not been identified yet.

    3. And, to top it all off, just to ask the stupid question of the day... Did your technician check the compressor capacitor to insure it is working properly and replace it if needed? When you say the mechanical side is stuck up I assume you mean it is not tripping any breakers, yet does not start. If my assumption of the intent of your statement is correct then make sure the capacitor is functioning properly.

    Good luck.
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