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    Wink Mammoth water source heat pumps

    I have been trying to find the manufacturer's recommended suction pressure/discharge pressure, superheat/sub cooling temps. for mammoth water source heat pumps. As usual it isn't on the nameplate and I haven't had any luck with the available lecture.

    I have one that has a suction press. of 75 and a head press. of 200. the coils and filter is clean and the water flow is set at the factory setting. The suction pressure seems to be a little high and the head pressure a little low. It could be the reversing Viv leaking by and I still have to retrieve the trip out code when it trips.

    I'm currently apply for the pro section but have to submit the required documentation. I am also currently licensed, have my EPA number, NATE certified until 2013. and just recently received a Diploma from a tech school.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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    what is your condenser water supply and return water temps, supply and return air temps, liquid line and suction line temp. It should give you a code when it trips unless someone is resetting it before you get there.

    why do you think your reversing valve is leaking whats your pipe line temps on your valve?

    Without any of this info your not gonna get any help

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