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    Staring fresh with an indoor pool system install...

    I am a mostly conventional HVAC contractor and I have an opportunity to quote a large pool house with a large, heated 50' X 20' indoor gunite pool. My experiences are limited with indoor pools and mostly consist of troubleshooting an improperly installed LifeBreath unit.

    The pool house is completely separate from the main house and needs to be heated and air conditoned, I am assuming. The owner gave me a competitor's quote and they spec'd a DesertAire system with an air handler, condenser and coil fed by a separate boiler.

    I need some help quoting the proper set up because it will be a nightmare if this doesn't work right as we all know how working for "friends" can turn out.

    What is necessary to heat/cool/control humidity and prevent excessive condensation? Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Please PM or reply to post.


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    With a specified system, follow the specs and get a signoff on preformance.
    The biggest miss I see on poolrooms is not having an air tight structure and enough negative pressure to stop moisture from passing out through the insulatio of the building.
    has a good description of simple humidity control in a poolroom.
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    DesertAire makes a mighty fine unit. They can be a pain to set up sometimes. Pool's/ Natatoriums are dangerous areas for the novice. The single most problem that occurs is improper water treatment of the pool which destroys the equipment it 3-5 years.

    Did I say that proper water treatment is crucial? You might search DesertAir for white papers, not sure if they have anything like that. In the absence, call them and talk to them about it.
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    This is just a suggestion, but contact a company that specializes in indoor pools and sub the work to them. There are a lot of components in the design that need to be followed to have a successful end result.

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    Worked on couple of desert air units and I might as well been woking on the space shuttle. They had a metasis controller and a remote interface panel. if I remember correctly you control to 2 degrees above the pool temp and 60%humidity. Some one will correct me soon.

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    The job has been decided and it will be a Desert Aire system. The rep is supposed to come out to the job and help me lay it all out. Wish me luck.

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    Desert Aire is a reputable manufacture. They have very good design procedures which will give a good selection. Make sure you and the owner are aware of the design temperature of the room and the pool that the unit is designed for. The space and pool must be operated at these temperatures or excessive evaporation from the pool with cause all sorts of problems.

    And what Teddy Bear said about proper sealing, vapor barrier, and negative pressure.

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    check out Dectron site for design diagrams and perticulars on the installation items critical to prop.ops
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    Quote Originally Posted by second opinion View Post
    This is just a suggestion, but contact a company that specializes in indoor pools and sub the work to them. There are a lot of components in the design that need to be followed to have a successful end result.

    I would listen to this guy and if an engineer gets involved I would....RUN. pool rooms are NEVER a good thing to get involved with.

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    You might want to consider DuctSox fabric duct for the duct system. Allows for low ESP fans, keeps the air velocity low, ducts don't sweat because the fabric breathes, duct support is less of an issue (crucial in metal ducts in a natatorium setting, even stainless supports corrode in pool environment), metal duct corrosion is less of an issue (some metallic connector ducts are still required).

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    A lot of great advise given. Have been involved with a few. There are so many issues that need to be addressed. A great understanding of psychrometrics will give you the results you need for a proper design. Pay close attention to windows, duct design(Ductsox is a wonderful product for this application), ventilation rate, exhaust and temperature of the air to pool water temperature. Another huge issue is buildup of chloramides and the potential health risks associated with them.

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