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    You would be up s*&$ creek without a paddle if you tried to claim warranty through Copeland (or any other compresssor manufacturer). If its not approved by them, dont add it. Even the Super Seal additives are bad news.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shophound View Post
    Here's the bottom line:

    If compressor manufacturers don't use it, don't endorse it, don't even mention it....DON'T FALL FOR IT!!
    Agreed. Sounds like bull to me. If Lennox could increase efficiency and capacity that cheaply, don't you think they would? Or any other manufacturer? It would be good for everyone.

    Bought a fuel additive back in the 70s claiming the same thing. All of our trucks ran hotter. A few overheated. No increase in fuel economy. Our county government used it a few months in the winter. Come summer their trucks overheated too. The company that made the stuff was out of business in a year.
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    easiest thing to sell is hope. you can't return it for a refund and everbody wants a little. so you get your neighbors to think their elec bill is going down and now everyone on the street thinks they found the new 'greatest thing'

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