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    I appreciate evryones feedback, it is helping me making decisions. This website is great and everyone on it is a great person, everyone is really helpfull and you cant say that too much about people now adays. Thanks again Everyone for you kindness and helpfullness.

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    Originally posted by theestimator
    Follow-up immediately after the interview with a thank you card thanking them for their time spent with you and for the opportunity to be introduced to the company. Tell them that given the opportunity you would like to be an integral part of the company's successful future. Above all be neat, courteous and speak well.

    When you say follow-up with a thank you card, would this be mailed to them, C/O whoever you spoke with. Or would you drop it off...

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    If I were to be just getting started in this trade, controls work is something I'd really look at closely. Right now where I'm at I'm getting a good exposure to controls, moreso than anywhere else I've been. There's no way one can become a good control tech without understanding how they interact with the system(s) the components are controlling. Sure, there are likely control techs out there with a shallow knowledge of HVAC systems, but for you the opportunity to learn systems along with controls is right in front of you, on each job site you're at.

    As for interview advice, you've already received good stuff. Listen more than talk is golden. Dress neatly and be polite, always. Give the impression that what they see in the interview room is a good indication what they'll see on the job each day if you're hired. Smile warmly when appropriate. Leave out any bad language. Do as much research as you can on the job requirements prior to the interview so certain questions you're asked don't throw you for a loop. Show your curiosity about the job, but don't overdo it.

    Remember, your overall goal is to leave a positive lasting impression after you leave the interview, enough to where you edge out others competing with you. A very good impression can offset lack of experience or training if you've given them the feeling that any investement they make in training you after you're hired will pay them back handsomely.

    Above all, be honest, and be yourself. Don't white knuckle it and you'll be fine.
    Building Physics Rule #1: Hot flows to cold.

    Building Physics Rule #2:
    Higher air pressure moves toward lower air pressure

    Building Physics Rule #3:
    Higher moisture concentration moves toward lower moisture concentration.

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    all companies feed you bull****.....

    they tell you things to impress and not the truth which would scare you away.(unless your desparate) Heck there AIN'T no company better than the next.... they're all bull****. Experience shows you this.

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    Re: all companies feed you bull****.....

    Originally posted by serious player
    they tell you things to impress and not the truth which would scare you away.(unless your desparate) Heck there AIN'T no company better than the next.... they're all bull****. Experience shows you this.
    see! lol! now you know what you're in for!
    just make the best of it!
    stay away from negative people, in the trade!
    and Learn all you can! show professionalism in your work!
    and communicate what you want from an employer and ask them what theyre looking for,,,
    be listenative, and willing to put forth extra effort, dont watch the clock, and take every break u can get, or cheat yourself on time or the company!
    Be on time and work late if needed!
    build your career and interests around your career!
    3.5 hr interview, they wanted to see who you are.
    Sounds like a good beginning to me!
    Unless they were bored and wanted to see what kind of techs were coming out of the schools. but i doubt it, I believe
    they are interested! i'd like to know if you got the job?

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    me negitive?

    stay away from negative people... how bout if you have to work with them? AND they teach you the wrong way to do something and you don't know any better? Difference is
    I know better, that's why I'm not working. I'm old enough and wise enough to know if someone is bull****ting me.

    I worked in the HVAC biz for a few years and THOUGHT
    I was learning something UNTIL someone showed me the right way. How do I know the difference?..... On the job..
    and seen the difference.

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    I still didnt get called yet, its been about a week?? if I get it I will let you know, thanks for the reply!

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