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    Need enlightenment on HVAC

    Not sure if this is the right forum, but our church is trying to understand how our HVAC works and could use your wisdom in helping us upgrade without having to take extra offerings. LOL! First, we have a system that was installed in 1976. It has a million and a half Btu boiler and a 50 ton air chiller. Our air handlers have two actuators each and it seems that the time clocks were taken out of the loop and replaced with toggle switches. Each station has two 110v thermostats, one has a cool/ heat switch the other seems to be a heat only (not sure)? Also each station has a manual timer in order for air handlers to energize. One of our problems lies that it gets too cold in summer or too hot in winter. Someone has to keep getting up and turn off the timer, then turn it back on. The other problem is that the thermostat (not the one with cool/heat switch) is adjusted by a member, and it bypasses the timer and will run air handlers until readjusted. Very costly! We can lock that thermostat out, but is there a device that we can install and replace the timer where its energizes the air handlers with temperature control and not with time settings? Thanks for any your replies. Your knowledge is greatly appreciated!

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    PastorJohn, most likely there is a better way to control your system, but without looking at it, we would be mostly guessing. Sounds like a control re-vamp with remote sensors and controls would prevent tampering. What area are you located, most likely one of our pro members is located close to you.
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    Thanks for the response DB! We're out here in the Stillwater, OK area. I plan on posting some images later today to help as well. Again thanks!

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    simple controls like what you'd probably need HAVE dropped in price considerable over the years, so you may not be out too much. As mentioned, though, you really need to get a pro's hands and eyes on the systems to figure out what direction to take. What you CAN do in the mean time, is do some level of discussion to determine a usage pattern. That would aid the pro in determining the path forward.

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    Thanks for the post CraziFuzzy. The history of the church has been of being taken by contractors who aren't familiar with our system. An example was when the circulating pumps weren't pressurizing and the top contractor was thinking it was the h2o supply pressure and went that costly route rather than checking relief valves. As it turned out, the Hoffman relief valve was clogged and cleared and I was able to stabilize the the pumps. We're about an hour from Tulsa, if anyone knows of a contractor who might know a system likes ours, that would be a blessing! Thanks again for your help!

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    A search of our Contractor Locator map:


    David Babcock LLC
    3613 N.W. 16th
    Oklahoma City,OK 73107

    Phone: 405-535-1708
    Fax: 405-949-2377
    License #: OK ST # 87007

    Hope this helps.

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