Hi all, I hope there is someone out there that can answer my question! I found this site during a search of our problem, it seems there are some folks here who are quite knowledgeable so I'm hopeful.

We bought a Quadrafire Classic Bay fireplace insert about 4 years ago. We turned it on a few days ago and it worked like it's supposed to but was in need of a good cleaning. Today my husband cleaned it thoroughly. I worked all afternoon so I have no idea how it ran throughout the day but this evening, when it came on, it started up as usual and ran fine up to a point. About 10 minutes after the convection fan kicked on, it kicked back off. The pellets continued to feed, the fire continued to burn and the exhaust fan continued to work. After a few minutes the convection fan came back on. It worked for a while and then kicked off again. It cycled like that until the thermostat clicked off and the stove shut down. What could be causing the convection fan to shut off periodically?

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me!