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    best of luck jayguy


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    thanks to everyone. i was with trane for 11 years and previous to that i was in wholesale for about 10 years.

    i didn't feel that i was being heard by management where i was at. i do not believe that it will be better at york, but when everyone promises the same thing, i am going to try something new. i do not believe that the grass will be greener, but it will be different grass.

    Yeah I've worn the meatball on my shirt for 15yrs. Our office went from franchised owned to corporate about 10years ago. It's defiantly different now. I would change too but all my customers are good old boys from south west Va. and I have a good relationship with them. I'm also about 2 hours from the office so I don't get into all the political stuff. Good luck with the new job.

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    Good luck, Jay. I have no idea what JCI is like but I always enjoyed the Yorks.

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    Welcome aboard . You've helped a lot of people on this site over the years . I'm sure you'll do well . You can send me an email if you have any questions about Big Blue .
    is this really happening or not

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    Jay, your JCI office has made a major hire! If they don't already realize that, they soon will. I have known some of the local York Techs for years. Some since my Trane days, and some since before they went to York. They are a good group of guys and I have never heard them complain about York or JCI. I hope you are among as good a group. I feel I must say though, that I am sometimes disappointed and frustrated with dealing with JCI as a service customer, and I believe that is due more to policies and procedures than it is to the Techs.

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