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    You're looking to condition 7,500 sg ft on the cheap?Your HVAC system could make or break this house.I'd research it a bit further if I were you, and don't go by brand name,go by quality of contractor. A well installed Goodman can easily outlast a poorly installed Trane or Carrier.The contractor is the key. You might want to consider 2 systems with a zone for the basement at .5 ton, the zone experts will know more than me on this subject. Good luck.
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    Do you want to spend more now or later?

    If you decide to go with a heat pump you will have to spend a little more than with electric strips, but a heat pump costs less to operate and will pay for itself over time.

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    I dont mind spending more now......just am torn between getting a 14seer goodman or a 15-19 seer trane. Huge price difference.

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    Originally posted by pooka16
    do i send plans to address in credentials?
    Or simply have your architect e-mail me the .DWG files.

    MUCH MUCH Simpler to perform analysis
    using the AutoCad files
    as the background in my HVAC program.
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    autocad is very nice, learning it now.

    i would spend a fair amount of money of your system. if you have that big of a house. then you need to spend money on it now, or you will get bit in the butt so to say down the road. look on the wall of shame

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