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    Hey guys, How are you all? I have a RTU that won't ignite. I changed the ignitor board, and a ste up, crazy leg transformer (120v pri & 230v sec). The only things after thar are the UCP board, gas valve, glo plug & roll out. Please HELP!!!

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    Welcome but were probably going to need a lot more info:
    Brand,mod# for starters.
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    One Post at a time on one subject please.

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    Need a solution for a rtu giving me a hard time. YCD120 Voyager Series. The UCP Board, gas valve and hi limit are the only controls left to swap out. Help!! Why won't i get fire?

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    You would get more responses in "commercial" section.
    What I/C do you have Texas or Fenwall?
    Whats your cold ohms on HSI?
    What voltage are you getting to HSI?

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    more info .. what exactly happens during heat demand ? i could help u possibly if u werent giving bits & pieces

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