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    Confused sanyo mini split

    I need a replacement for a 11yo sanyo ductless split model # ks1261 or i have to take this thing off the wall clean a caked blower wheel and re install this fancoil. dealer says model is discontinued. any answers on cleaning blower wheel while on the wall would be apprieciated too

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    use a foaming coil cleaner which liquifies the mold, grease ,dirt , on the fan blades , and then wash off with a garden type pressure sprayer , revolve the blade slowly so as you can spray all around, but first prepare the site , protect the walls and floor below , fashion a trougro from a peice of metal and push between cooler and the wall and put a bucket to catch the water at the end etc, also attend to the coils at the same time with a coil cleaner where most of the dirty water will run dow the drain , this has worked for me in the past ,

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    I've cleaned them by pushing some plastic sheet up behind the unit so that it will catch any water, and make a kind of water slide into a big bucket, with some more plastic and dust sheets underneath, i'm sure you get the idea, and then wash the coil with a garden style sprayer and mild coil cleaned, also had a poke with an old tooth brush but i expect an air line or nitrogen blast would be better. Once all the mold etc is wet and loose, turn unit on in fan only mode at high speed and most of the stuff will fly off. Then give everything a good rinse again. Make sure the drain pan is clear including the rear one if a v coil.

    Make sure you have the power off while spraying water as i'm sure you know to do anyway.

    If its just dust and not mold then maybe air nitrogen would do.

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