We had a new air handler installed in our attic in 2006. Also had the outside unit replaced. Installers reused original drain line (20+ years old) and did not install clamps on drain pipes. The drain pipes separated and caused a leak down exterior wall of house into master bedroom closet. We now have mold, etc. A different HVAC tech arrived same day we discovered the leak and placed clamps on the drain pipes which fixed the leak.
We contacted original installer seeking payment for damages but were denied by their insurance adjustor. He claimed that the original drain lines are what caused the problem and their installation is beyond the staute of limitations. (Same company installed original unit 20+ years ago)
My question is: Is it standard HVAC practice to reuse orignial drain lines when installing a new air handler or should their have been new drain lines installed? Is it customary to inspect the drain lines for leaks if repurposing them for a new install?
I would appreciate any input.
PS Homeowners insurance does not cover water "leak" damage -only sudden bursts of water. They are of the opinion that the installer is liable.