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Thread: Furnace size?

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    Furnace size?

    I have a Rheem furnace I am trying to gather some info on.
    Furnace Model RGDJ-07eauer
    Condenser is a Classic X or other.

    Any info on size/history of issues would be appreciated.

    Just had the unit and ducts cleaned & checked a couple of months ago. Tech said it was low about 1 lb.
    I think its about 10 yrs old (Age of home)

    Thanks in advance!

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    Your furnace is a 70,000 BTU system, that should be a Criterion gas furnace so late 80's to 90's install date(need more info like serial number for this) basic PSC motor, not variable speed

    As for your condensor that is not enough information, we need the model number of that to be able to determine size of system. look for numbers like 018, 024, 030, 036, 042, 048 or 060, this is the BTU capacity of the system, divide this number by 12 to get your tonnage. For example a 036 is 36,000 BTU's of heat removal / 12,000 BTU per ton so it is a 3 ton system.

    Hope this helps.
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    furnace S/N EB5D302F41990821
    will get the condenser info when I get home from work.

    On another note, the furnace is in the basement and I plan on finishing it out just as an open room (15X15). The main duct runs across the room and has an opening about 3"X10".

    You think I'll be ok in the winter with just the one? Im in chicago but it is the basement so just will be used as a gathering/kids play room.


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    Just one furnace? The basement will need very little heat. But be sure a return is put in the finished space as well.

    Yes, that is a builder version of the Criterion, 75K input 3 ton drive. Classic X would be a RAKA A/C.

    Serial # says 1990 mfr. date. Those things are a great furnace. Noisy but hold up well and we haven't lost a heat exchanger yet, knock on simulated wood.

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