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    Quote Originally Posted by SBKold View Post
    If it was mine I would use the new freon also.

    You are gambling with introducing contaminates any other way.

    But- If you specifically asked me to re-use.

    Yes its possible.
    When you recover it, you recover it through a filter drier, and when you put it back in, you charge it through a filter drier. no contaminates cause you filtered it twice. And yes, you use a clean vacuumed recovery cylinder.
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    I agree with everyone that says it can be done. But on such a small system......

    On a residential system that only holds 8lbs I would put new, clean refrigerant in it to absolutely know for sure its clean and pure. The extra time I would have to take to filter out and pull a good vac on the recovery tank (to be sure I got a good one from the supply house) and filter in for only 8 lbs does not make it worth it. A commercial system that hold 40lbs is a different story.

    Filter driers dont filter N2 or O2 and there are too many RNC installers that run a vac pump for 10 minutes until the "tone change" and call it good. If I originally put the system in and know it had a <500 micron vac pulled, then I would re-use.

    FWIW: i would not put a HRU on any system that still has a warranty. (My cummins diesel truck did not get any additional performance enhancements till the warranty was up.)
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