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    fresh air control for commercial laundry

    looking for ideas for a coin operated laundry . The engineer wants a mechanical damper to allow out side air whenever the dryers are running. there will be multiple coin operated dryers each with a seperate exhaust vent. any ideas ?

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    You looking for SAF? (AHU within a galvanized box with minimal ducting) You could put a Mechanical timer (affordable) on it to shut off when the place closes or SPST relays tied into a junction to the roof to a distribution bar to close a contactor upon demand. Or just run it 24/7!

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    Like the interlock idea, current relays or maybe units have extra contact internally for this use.

    a power fan would be overkill w/ only one or two running. Are they using a passive inlet w/ power damper, or blower supplied air?

    or direct vent the dryers, no fan needed.
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    How about a make up air unit with a variable speed drive. You could control it to building static pressure. Check out this web sight It is a no thrills building static controller with 2to 10 volt out put for your drive.

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    Check code it should call for 1sq. inch of free air ventilation per 1000 btu also mfg. specs, I don't believe you can or should use mechanical or automatic ventilation. I've done many coin-op laundries and never used anything but free air.

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    Did a fewprojects that had louvers open and close off time clock. Dryers usually have access behind them and louvers installed in roof so air just naturally flows into room. Even when it is 0 outside it is usually 60 or higher.

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