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    Buderus GB 142 vs G234x reliability

    I am replacing an oil fired boiler with a natural gas fired unit. I live in southern New England in a 3500 sq ft house with cast iron radiators built in 1922.

    I have a contractor selected who did a heat loss estimate. He is well recommended and has successfully installed Buderus units for discerning friends.

    I need to choose between the Buderus units listed above. I have an odd chimney which needs to be lined for the G234x. By the time that is included, the units will be within $1000 dollars.

    I'd like to go with the GB 142 but wonder a bit about the reliability of the aluminum/high tech unit vs cast iron.

    Any thoughts?



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    I have experience with the gb142 and have found it to be very reliable. The heat exchanger is a cast aluminum and is very easy to remove and clean. When the proper module is installled to allow automatic outdoor rest it is a very efficient boiler that will provide perfect heat throughout the house. I am not familiar with the other model so I cannot comment on that.
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    Thanks for taking the time to comment. Purchasing a boiler is a big decision made with somewhat limited information. Views of an insider are helpful


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