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    condenser fan motor broken and need a new one

    My fan motor no is not turning while the unit is on. Im trying to find the most wallet friendly way of replacing it as i am out of work at the moment and a father of two. So anything i can save helps alot. the condenser fan motor is a GE model 5kcp39bgN758BS. Any help in how or where to get one new or used that wont kill my pocket would be great thanks for your time.

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    You need to call someone out to diagnose what the problem is. Just because it's not spinning does not automatically mean the motor is bad. Have someone diagnose it and quote a repair.

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    How would you feel if you replaced the motor, and it still didn't spin?
    Call for service, or you may end up spending more in the long-run.
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    In my church, we willingly help out folks in a bind.

    Talk with you church leader about haing a qualified man take a look at it. The church might help you with the cost of parts.
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    In most areas the heat is about over, just hang in there for a few weeks. Save over the winter and have it fixed next spring before it gets hot.

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    Where are you located?

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