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SM50 is the curtain on backwards? It is normal to get some spray out of there though but you are making it sound bad.

iceman A dirty machine, not level or too high of water pressure could leak water from above the evaporator where it comes into the water fill and then it could track down. There is a tray up there and it could be coming over the top. FWIW it is very hard to get the level right if you are pushing it under a counter. Also if you get a pump out drain there isn't a problem with draining up hill.
Thanks Iceman, Actually, after the repairman left there was no leak for a day or so, once I slid it back I noticed water again. Is it possible that sliding the machine back caused water to spill from that tray? Haven't noticed much since then.

As to my original question, there is no drain pump installed in this machine, can drainage back up and leak? The clear drain hose looks to be full of water but I'm not sure if that is normal. There is a slight uphill to the wall drain so maybe I need a pump?