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    On commercial fishing boats I use a PRV piped to the suction side of the compressor. Install a flow switch and a sight glass. Hook the flow switch up to an alarm, and then the engineer is notified of a problem without the loss of refrigerant. Found one, one time that was piped in a green garden hose to the air inlet of the auxillary engine. If the prv opened due to failure of the condenser pump, the refrigerant flowed into the air intake of the engine, and caused pretty white smoke to come out of the exhaust pipe on deck, notifying the operator of a problem in the engine room. LOL
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    Quote Originally Posted by thegoodlistener View Post
    What type of alternative do you use?
    For the suction line to get that hot to melt the soft-plug, the discharge line must be VERY hot too. So use temp switch.

    Also, if the soft-plug is melted at (someone claimed) 160 degrees F, then why not use a temperature switch. Rather than releasing 100 lbs of R-22, which EPA said depleting the ozone, into the sky.

    Carrier uses this method on other types of applications too, such as residential units with reciprocated compressor, today new scroll compressor, today chiller with scroll. In fact they use this on all of their applications.

    Who cares, I don't own these machine. I work on them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by just_opinion View Post
    Who cares, I don't own these machine. I work on them.

    My guess is that the plug is full proof and mechanical controls could fail resulting in a worse case scenario

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    Quote Originally Posted by VTP99 View Post
    My guess is that the plug is full proof and mechanical controls could fail resulting in a worse case scenario
    Or be bypassed.

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    Had 2 last year on suction line.

    It was a Carrier water cooled package unit.

    Couldnt believe the same thing..SUCTION THAT HOT...???

    Ended up with a cracked condenser and water breach...Hooked nitro and water shot out like a hydrant!! Not sure which happened first in that case..the water breach or the heating of the system...CHICKEN OR THE EGG?

    Last month i had a aircooled rooftop package...LL thermal plug blew open.

    Ended up with a grounded compressor.

    This was a result of a bad condenser fan motor and bad high pressure switch.

    I have no idea why have one on the suction line. Matter fact these old 50BR units dont have any on the LL, only suction....DONT ASK CUZ I CANT ANSWER.
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