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    Help Identify a Pilot assembly

    So ive worked on a few fireplace but mostly Jotul. I was doing a cleaning at a customers house and they asked me to look at their fireplace. Every single marker to determine model and s/n number had been removed. I need to replace the pilot assembly but i cant seem to match it up. any help would be appreciated.


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    add info pse-lp 210
    us patten 629378481

    all info on assembly

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    I found the manufacturer of the valve. I found one with the same exact bracket but with a different model number (PSE-NA308) Still dont know where to order one.

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    This SIT pilot assembly might work

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    Here is a better picture of that SIT pilot. It looks like it will replace the PSE pilot exactly
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    The part number refers to the gas type NA is Natural Gas LP is Propane. You could try Target Wholesale for fireplace parts but they may want a model number or gas valve type

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