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    Thumbs up everyone has their viewpoint

    No apologies needed. We all have our frame of reference. This is an HVAC site that also discusses fireplaces. You go on a Hearth related site or home inspectors and I'm sure you'll see things that perturb you. Just how it is. However, if we're open and objective, we all learn. I never thought of applying COP to hearth products before but the concept does bring another dimension into choices.

    Thanks for participating and please don't stop!

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    Thanks Hearthman!

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    Quote Originally Posted by talktowags View Post
    Why don't you get a w.e.t. certified pro to give you a assessment? By the book it is not likely legal to use. A propane insert in Ontario requires 2 3" liners run down your chimney to unit. 1 for exhaust and 1 for intake air. All would be good with insert. Wood burning is a whole new book of rules. Insurance will want you to have it wet certified for wood but no questions asked when gas insert installed as long as it meets manufacture specs.
    Hope this helps.
    This is the route we are going to go. I just can't see a way to increase the spacing from brick chimney to combustible framing and internal parts of liner (probably off damper) have rusted. Don't think chimney would pass even although in itself it is very sound.

    We will have chimney cleaned next week. After that, a sealed cap will be installed to eliminate draft until we a propane fired insert installed.

    I am thinking we should buy a basic unit to keep costs down. FP will be used for cosmetic ambience at Christmas Thanksgiving etc. Only in case of power outage will we want to use unit for heating (because propane costs us more than electricity) so efficiency not that important.

    Any suggestions? I know we can't discuss pricing, but I would be interested in a lo-med-high rating of suitable units.

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