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    Ok this is a common problem, what I have noticed is that it is usually a baud rate problem, here are two things to try they should get you connected.Try them in this order and leave the first one as I described when you try the second one.

    1, Try choosing psi host, even though it is under a GCM it doesn't seem to matter and you will be able to jump over to other devices.

    2, Try it at 1200 baud, what your program says the baud rate is means very little it all works better at 1200, to change your baud rate you must do it in the site setup and also under PSI in the functions menu once you have them set hit file save and exit the program reenter the program and choose that site, you should be talking.

    There is no need to sign on with PSI unbder GCM, all of the same functions are there when you sign on with PSI HOST.

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    For ther small screen right click the icon and choose properties choose the screen tab and choose full screen save and exit, on some computers I have also had to go to the MZ exe file in the XPSI folder and set the same parameter, this will give you a full screen. Or once it is open just hit ALT+ENTER.

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    Good news is I got a full screen. The bad news is I still dont hook up. Now I get "comm error -2 a response was not received but bus activity was detected".
    I also tried playing with the port settings under "Device Mangler" in XP. Same result.
    Thanks for the tips, greatly appreciated!


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    Bodeen, post an e-mail addy, and I'll shoot you my phone number.It wil be a lot easier,

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    Let’s take this from the top,

    In XP, go to device manager and your port properties, put these settings in, 115K, 8 none and 1 and hardware setting equals none,

    Then in PSI, set your site up at 19,200 also set it to 19,200 in the functions menu under PSI setup, back out of the program completely and reopen it, try to connect, repeat this for 9600 and 1200, one of these should work.

    Another thing you could try is this, it is a little different and I don’t know if it will solve communication problems, if you have a jump drive you can copy your PSI folder from your C drive and paste it onto the jump drive, then go to PSI > MZ2> ZPSIPC, you ill be running the MZ2 communication part of the program off of your jump drive, it works. Try to connect,

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    I will try when I get back to work after the holidays. Will revisit then. Happy Holidays!

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    Have you tried another converter besides the Patton? I've seen a powered converter work in Windows where the Patton would not. Yet, strangely enough, the Patton works in DOS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bodeen View Post

    It is 3.5 build 190. I have the same converter that I used with XPSI. Still cant seem to connect directly to MZII. I can use a boot disk to get in with XPSI (XP OS) but with the same cables cant seem to make problock work?


    Hi Bodeen
    Do you still have the lic file for Problock? I have the same version, but my lic is not working.
    Can you give me some help to licence my problock? My email is in my profile.

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