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    I know what your going thru,when I tell people I grew up in tennesse they automatically think I'm into fishing and nascar and all the other redneck nonsense,they freak out when I tell them I read books and spend all my spare time on the internet educating myself.
    I just spent the last year working for one of the worst places in town,they didn't fire me I fired them.When I stared working there they gave me a 90 day probationary period ,I gave them a years probation and they failed.
    If you get a chance read my where's the opportunity thread .Be careful about rubbing people the wrong way, part of being a good employee is being a good actor,sometimes it's best to just pretent to laugh at there dumb jokes and just play along.
    Always remember the only one looking out for you,is you.
    They said you were slow ,well do they want the job done in a hurry or done right.

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    2hot2coolme: y u asked if im high? oh u lived by brighten park?by where? ilive on 38th and kedzie.... well 2 be honest distance isnt a problem 4 me, i just wanna learn and work...

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    Originally posted by wannagetstarted
    2hot2coolme: y u asked if im high? oh u lived by brighten park?by where? ilive on 38th and kedzie.... well 2 be honest distance isnt a problem 4 me, i just wanna learn and work...
    No, I was'nt asking if You were high, I was asking the other guy who said Four Seasons was a good company.

    I used to live on 41st and Sacramento for about 18 yrs.

    It would take you 1 1/2 hrs one way to get to my shop, believe me you would get sick of the drive.

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    Originally posted by 2hot2coolme
    Originally posted by robhvac
    Try giving Four seasons a call there a really good company.
    WHAT?.....are you high?
    Four Seasons BLOWS!!!! rob obviously has never worked there. don't get hurt at Four Seasons.....guy slides of of roof.. they say he was trying to commit suicide?? another guy blows out his knee....FOUR SEASONS will not return injured guy's phone calls for 3 WEEKS...then didn't take a piss test. FOUR SEASONS loses in court.

    Four Seasons opens it's doors after the owner sues his father who owns Official Heating. two real winner shops. read that right.

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    Im not high,my cousin has worked for four seasons for many years and says there a good company, but hey maybe he's wrong.

    [Edited by robhvac on 12-16-2005 at 12:56 AM]

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    it's probably like most company's if your in good with the people at the top they treat you well if not your hamburger.
    sounds like a family owned fiefdom.

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    believe me i do alot of driving around from south to north my girlfriend lives doesnt matter

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    go meet with the managers and coutner people at the parts houses in your area.
    I dont have a clue why you would want to do residential install work.

    Commercial ac pays okay. But resi service can have the highest pay ... once you got your "sea legs".

    If it were me, starting over again, I would find a commercial shop and sign a contract to hire on as a helper/ aprentice. I would learn all I could and come to this site twice every day!!!
    Most of us here never had the internet to help us thru our work days as we started out. We either carried a phone card, a roll of quarters or simply crashed and burned at least twice a week until we got our trouble shooting skills down pat.
    (the quarters were for phoning someone we trusted to talk us thru the problem)(we didnt want to call the boss and get yelled at and belittled)

    do a search on threads I have contributed to in this forum. Some have links to other threads which list what a new guy needs to know in order to succeed in this trade.
    in the subject line of your search, type in ENTRY LEVEL.

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    Here are some useful threads which should assist you.

    what does an entry level tech need to know?

    Design a tech thread

    top ten things to know

    major affects to your acrreer

    tool bags, what do y'all carry in them?

    becoming a master tech

    transition from res tech to refrigeration

    Useful tech support numbers

    your hardest thing to grasp in the trade?

    tech incentives program, by NormChris

    a wet wet chiller

    non-condensibles & micron removal

    proper vacuum technique

    tricks for changing oil in "pot" compressors

    determining moisture inside a system

    Micron Gage Wars

    leak detectors

    how to tell when it's time to change the oil

    Fractionization of "Blends"

    why compressors fail

    organise your parts

    inventory on a vehicle

    voltage imbalance, 3 phase power

    A way to test Capacitors

    open compressor

    Iceing up due to overcharge?

    NormChris/ superheat and subcooling made simple

    POE oil and acid

    pee traps

    Hope this helps.

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    inspect the work they do....

    look inside their trucks.. getting hired to fast...
    turnover in company..... mainly see what kind of work they do.. ask to go to thier jobs before taking the job..
    do ya live at home. do your folks understand?

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