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    I am getting a 2 stage Rheem gas furnace installed with a single stage thermostat. Does this make sense or am I better with a 2 stage thermostat or a single stage furnace? What would be the best way to go?

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    Two stage stat will give greater comfort. Contractor could have opted for single stage stat to trim the estimate, or perhaps you don't have enough wires in your walls (extra labor) necessitating running another wire.

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    Stat Wire

    There is not point operationg the 2 stage Rheem furnace without the proper thermostat. If you don't have enough thermostat wire, you can have them run a addawire kit or re-run T-stat wire. If you don't do this, your system won't kick over into second stage heating or cooling. It's something that they should have caught before the install.

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    In heating a timer will bring on 2nd stage but that misses the point of 2 stage equipment, running on low when just a little heat is needed. When your car warms up on a cold morning, do you crank it higher? NO, you lower it. So why should a timer on your furnace bring on high when reduced heat is needed.

    2 stage stat all the way, that's one thing we will not do here is put a single stage stat on a 2 stage furnace.

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    Get a 2 stage stat and let the system run like it's supposed to. No brainer as far as I'm concerned. If number of wires are an issue, have your contractor pull a new one. I have never had an install where I couldn't pull a new wire. IMHO

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    Definately go with a 2 stage stat. If the thermostat wires are the issue, and running a new bundle isn't a good idea because of the cost, look at a premium thermostat. A Honeywell Prestige IAQ only runs 2 wires from the stat to the module and the the IAQ 9000 only uses 3. They do cost more than a standard thermostat, but a heckuva lot less than pulling a new bundle most of the time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Baxman View Post
    I am getting a 2 stage Rheem gas furnace installed with a single stage thermostat. Does this make sense


    2 stage furnace should have a 2 stage thermostat, so you get the comfort you paid for.
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