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    Cutting down on Airflow

    I have a Haier HWR05XC7 Air conditioning unit which I use to cool a cheese aging room. To make the air conditioner run cooler, it is controlled by a coolbot, which was designed to do just that. I have the system set to keep the room at 52 Fahrenheit and it works great. (The coolbot is designed to keep a room as low as 34 F using only a air conditioner.) However, I would like the fan to shut off when the compressor in the air conditioner is off. I would like to cut down on the airflow in the cheese aging room. Anybody out there who could help me with this?

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    scary part about cutting the fan off or slowing more airflow is this, when compressor is off, the airflow is basically defrosting the coil. does this system use anytype of defrost control usually a time&temp control like used in commercial refrigeration walk in boxes?
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    You really should use the proper equipment to do this job.

    A window AC unit is definitely not the correct equipment.

    The modification you want isn't difficult to do, but will only cause you more trouble.

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    some window shakers that have the energy saver selector will cycle the fan off when energy saver is turned on

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    You're definitely running outside the design parameters of the equipment. You really need refrigeration equipment similar to what's in a walk-in commerical cooler. It also would be a good idea to insulate the walls so it doesn't cost you a fortune and so you don't end up with condensation inside walls creating mold... or since you making cheese, the wrong type of mold.

    Is this for commercial sale? Don't you have health department and USDA inspectors? They allow you to use a window AC for temperature control in a normal room? I guess as long as your documenting the temperatures.

    Just trying to keep you from running into problems.

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