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    mamouth tandem scroll oil problems

    working on mamouth unit putting in tandem scroll replacements after a ground out. put in first set in one unit no problems. installed another set in another unit first compresser comes up no problem start the secound hear grinding noise from both first locks up in less than a minute. got new one on warranty replaced number one. number two ran by itself all week just fine. start up the warranty one starts fine. start number 2 same as last time but this time notice oil glass on number one goes empty, 2 fills up 1 starts grinding and bam! tries to lock up. return tomorrow to start back on it. looking for anybody run into something similar?

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    You should apply for professional membership.

    You mentioned that these are replacement compressors.

    Did you install the correct fittings when they were piped in?

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    Is there an oil equalizing line between the two? Is it plugged?

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    more importantly, did you fix the cause of the failure? ot at least know what it is?

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    Trane had a problem with tandem scrolls loosing oil in the 1st compressor. They installed a washer type orifice in the downstream compressor to force more oil to return into the first compressor. You need to contact Mammoth and find out if they are doing the same thing. If they are you will need to make sure the orifice is in place. Can you post the compressor model no.?

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