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    yearly maintenance

    I recently bought a house and it has 4-5 years old Trane HV90 furnace. Original owner told me that he never got it serviced and it is fine as is. With approaching winter season I wanted to call a Pro to get preventive maintenance performed on the furnace. What should be normally done to a furnace like this?

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    Yes I reccomend you get it serviced and cleaned, unfortunately me telling you what should be done is DIY in my eye's. And I am not saying you are trying to DIY, but someone else may see it and say oh now I know what to do and boom, now they get blown up.
    It's hard to stop a Trane. but I have made one helluva living keeping them going.

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    I'm not going to mess with it myself, just need high level overview of what needs to be done to make sure that tech will look at everything that needs to be looked up.

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    Annual maintenance is a "must", especially on high efficiency gas furnaces. Trane particularly has a very tight recuperative coil that needs to be monitored for both efficiency and safety reasons. AC is also neglected frequently. People will brag about how long they've had their systems and never had them serviced but the simple fact is, they've been using way more electricity to operate the system than is necessary due to dirty coils and possible over/under charge of refrigerant.

    If you drove your car until it quit without changing the oil, would you really expect to get the maximum MPG and service life from the auto? I doubt it. Same thing with heating and cooling equipment. Lack of maintenance is where we make all our money. Tee Hee. So don't follow your ignorant prior owner's advice. Be smart an invest in a service agreement for regular, semi-annual visits.

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    You may be able to get info from the Trane distributor if you call with model and serial.
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    Hvac equipment efficiencies are maximums, not guarantees. No matter how carefully you drive that Prius, if the emergency brake is up you ain't getting rated efficiency. Dirt, improper charge, improper gas pressures, poor airflow, these are pulled emergency brakes.

    Hvac maintenance:

    Pay me now, or pay me later and run less efficiently in the meantime.
    Which makes more sense to you?
    CONSERVATION - turning your thermostat back and being uncomfortable. Maybe saving 5-10%
    ENERGY EFFICIENCY - leaving your thermostat where everyone is comfortable. Saving 30-70%

    What is comfort? Well, it AIN'T just TEMPERATURE!

    Energy Obese? An audit is the next step - go to, or RESNET, and find an auditor near you.

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    Speaking of cars, I once had a boss (in a different industry) who had a BMW 5 series company car. This would have been in the '80s. He bragged that he had 60,000 miles on it and had never had it serviced. It ran great, but I wouldn't have taken it if it was given to me. Well, maybe if it was given to me, but I sure wouldn't have trusted it any further than I cared to walk.

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