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    Ok, I forgot you said it was icing.

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    No I didn't say it was icing, probably should have. I wasn't asking whether or not I should put refrigerant into an empty system. Im good there.

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    Big leaks suck in lots of air and the compressor doesn't care what it compresses.Thinking seperated suction line or fitting but definately on the low side.Hope this helps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by elamechanical View Post
    No, it had refrigerant because when I turn the disconnect on it started to ice up. It probably is just a leak, and im looking to far into it. I though it just seemed unusual to have 125 on the high.
    I've found it's easier to over think a problem than under think it. We sometimes go in looking for the biggest problem that could possibly happen and it turns out to be one of the smallest. Been there and got the t-shirt.

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