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    Quote Originally Posted by HVACTechNC View Post
    Seems like we are saying the same thing, really. I read both manuals. Both say to add refrigerant by weight per foot of line set beyond 15 feet. Both also say to verify proper charge by superheat and or subcooling after start up. That is essentially what I said earlier.

    I never said that it was the "preferred" method. I said manufacturers recommend weighing in charge on installation. PAge 6 of the Goodman manual says to. Page 14 of the Rheem manual says to. They recommend it both times.

    Where is the discrepancy?
    You start with the factory charge and line length estimate adjustment.

    Then, you MEASURE. You adjust the charge based on that data, using the correct method, based on the metering device being used.

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    It's not rocket-science...

    It's electromechanical thermodynamic engineering

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    I agree with the charging by WB temp. Which can be measured by a physcrometer .If you get a field piece hs35 or 36 ,it has a cool little head attachment that fits right in the case ,get that and a superheat chart and you will get +/- 3 degrees everytime gauranteed or yo money back
    Gas and go does not apply to refrigeration

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