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Thread: Help AC brand.

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    Confused Help AC brand.

    Hi I'm in phoenix and my AC just went out. I have a 2300 sq ft home and "plan" on living there a long time. My main concern is brand vs price. So I'm looking for best bang for the buck over the long-term. Any recommendations would be great from professionals. I've looked at some consumer reviews and they are all over the place. Thanks for your help!

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    Don't worry about the brand, find a great dealer and put in a deluxe unit of his choosing. The best A/C could be trouble if not sized & installed right and the cheapest unit could be a great system if it is.

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    that sounds more reasonable after looking and reading reviews. They are all over the place based on model alone. Thanks.

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    Good advice BL

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    I don't have the link but somebody here might, it is an ACCA contractor check list to ensure you are getting the most bang for your buck by getting a properly installed system. Some brands do rate higher because the contractors selling Brand X have more manufacturer training and support and those are the big main brands that you hear of. But look for a contractor that has quality referrals and testimonials(like the ones in my youtube videos) and performs a load calculation and energy analysis and ensures your ducts are sized properly.
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    I'd recommend going on the ACCA website and finding an experienced contractor from their membership. ACCA is a national association of heating and cooling professionals. My experience has been that these are excellent contractors. IMO anyway!

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    BaldLoonie pretty well summed it up. Every tech/company has their own opinions about which brand is the best, but truthfully 90% of it is installation quality and 10% (or less) is brand. There are a couple of brands that I think most would agree are not as good as the others, but by-and-large they are all comparable. Weigh your choice by factors such as confidence in the contractor, load calculation sizing, system efficiency specs, and any features specific to your climate or personal needs (allergies, dry skin, ect)... Using the ACCA is a great place to start...

    As for brands, everyone here will have their opinions, and they are all equally valid, but as for me, I am a fan of Rheem products as the best "bang for the buck". That, however, is just one mans opinion.
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    Whatever brand you buy I'd look at going at least "one model up" from the builder grade stuff. SEER14 instead of 13 for A/C. Furnace with ECM blower if your budget allows it, 90%+ if it's cost effective for your area. As others have said install quality is what really makes/breaks a system.

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    You really need to hire a contractor with a good reputation, who'll look you in the eye and make you believe in his/her integrity, and who will give you options up and down the price/performance continuum and help you buy what's best for you. You should ask them how they will size your equipment. If they don't insist on performing a load calculation, you should pick another contractor (although I'm not quite sure how you figure out if they actually know what they're doing when the run the load calc). I think your best bet is to find someone who'll give you a full year to live with your new system and make sure it does what they say it will do, with recourse that is acceptable to you if it does not. We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee that says if you're not happy and we can't fix it, we'll remove what we installed (cleanly, so the next contractor can easily install what he/she sells you) and give you 100% of your money back. We've never had to do that, though.

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    get a good contractor and referenances from clients. Good installations are most important. Big brand name not so much.

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