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    Hmmm have your guy recover it for free then tell the other company its taken care of. If its an additioal fee that the insurance is not covering then they shouldn't be able to specify who does the work.
    Either senerio is not making sense to me though. Not charging for something that cost you money and not having something covered by insurance that is required to be done as part of the covered job. I'd call the insurance company and check it out or look at your policy and make sure it's not covered.
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    Or report the insurance company to the EPA. I'm sure it is illegal to discourage someone from following the regulations.
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    Hah!!! You clearly have no clue what these insurance companies are like. Seriously, this was why I asked the question to begin with. Basically, the insurance company pays for 1/3 of the cost and 'allows' 'their' vendor to charge uncovered fees of significant amounts. They charge for duct modification (even though my guy said 'it is an exact copy?!? Why should I charge that!?!') They charge a coil recycling fee (he said they break even on it by taking it to the recycler) and the R22 fee (he said the cost is minimal, and yes, just part of replacing a coil!!!). I think part of it was that he was pissed that the insurance company was trying to make him pump up the non-covered charges - and he just refused to do it. Man was he fired up when he was done with them.

    [start rant]
    I am militantly opposed to class-action lawsuits, however, these home insurance products should be a target. I have wasted more time with this than it was worth. Realtors buy them for the buyer (me) trying to make sure you have a good first year, but god-forbid you have to use them. My most recent problem was today 'their' vendor refused to talk to me. I asked what the warrenty of the coil would be, and the said 'you have to talk to your home warranty company'. I told them that the warranty company wanted to buy the part and mail it to them - and asked if that was ok with them. They said 'you will have to talk to your home warranty company'. Seriously, how am I supposed to react to that?

    As soon as I get some money out of them - I will be back to trash them by name.

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    OK, I think this thread has gone far enough. This site is not a place to gather info to trash or sue people.'d be well advised not to come back here to trash anyone.

    Thread closed.

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