I am hving issues with a Carrier M.N. 38ah124a621da.
When it comes out of unoccupied, or free cooling, Unit will restart, then lock out. I have traced the problem to the oil pressure relay. I have checked my refrigerant levels, and all is well. I have discovered the oil pressure relay is locking the unit out. If I reset unit, and jumper across the relay for a minute, I then get control voltage, and am able to remove jumper. Unit then runs the rest of the day, cyclilng as it should until it goes into unoccupied, or free cooling. This is happening on both circuits. I have checked my oil pressure, and found it to be approx. 20 lbs. This is adequate according to my data sheet. I am wondering if I have an oil switch problem, or if the problem is in the timer motor. Any advice or help would be appreciated.