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    Light Commercial Automation System?

    Looking for options for a light commercial automation system.
    Internet accessibility
    Ability to control up to 10 units.
    Lighting control

    Please advise here.
    Thanks for your input.

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    The building management system at my site was installed by Energy Control Systems. I have control of my interior and exterior lighting and almost 80 a/c units. They can hook up to electric meters and give me the ability to graph electric consumption, temperature, humidity, light level. Heck I can change a thermostat setting from my living room.
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    we use some '' Building Logix'' sometimes. and I would feel safe to say if Trane uses it in junction with Summit it must work pretty good. other than that get a Trane MP 580 you can have it downloaded with programs that you need
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    Here is a link to a wonderful map the Administrators of this site created to help people like you find quality workmanship.

    Follow the link to a map and narrow it down to your area. Look for commercial companies on the map and give them a jingle. Most commercial companies either have a DDC system they use or have a DDC company they use.

    Good luck and I hope I am in your area!
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    Just make sure you insist

    on an OPEN SYSTEM, so that you are not stuck with only the original vendor.
    Perhaps the generic honeywell as opposed to the proprietary HONEYWELL from their "company stores"
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    Take a look at Auto Zone by Wattmaster, have used it for years and has proven to be extremely reliable and user friendly. With a basic system you can do everything you have described. In addition you can do zoning and a host of other items. It is not proprietary and it not brand specific.

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    Whatever you end up installing, make sure it is something that will be supported by the manufacturer with service and parts for years to come.

    There are many buildings out there with systems that are not servicable because the manufacturer went out of business or was purchased/taken over, and the end users are left relying on surplus parts they find on eBay.
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    We have Automated Logic and Johnson Controls.

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    completely open system for light commercial is Iworx which is ownen by taco I believe. its been on the market for a while, and is gaining traction

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    I would recommend controls that use Tridium. We rep Siemens controls with Tridium. Tridium is the truest "open" system and can do anything you want. It is also very user friendly if you have someone who sets up a nice operators display for you.

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    A Tridium based system is your best bet. Make sure you insist that the JACE controllers that are installed are open, in other words licensed like this:"*" accept.station.out="*""*" accept.wb.out="*"

    This means that any branded Tridium tool can connect to your system. Also, I'd recommend you ask that your integrator provide all software for the field controllers so if you do have to kick them out and hire another integrator, there is no issues getting the programming software for your field controllers.

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