I'm working on a Trane 3.5 ton AC unit that has the "pumpkin" compressor. It was having a hard time starting up, so they put in a 3-1 start kit. It had a hard time starting up, but it would eventually be able to start. I went there and the compressor was an American Standard GP433-3H1-JA. 3.5 hp 1 phase 200-230v

It was grounded out. I bought a Copeland CR47KQ-pfv-980wb and installed it yesterday afternoon. After everything was said and done, I turned it on and it tripped the breaker after the compressor was having a hard time starting like the old one they had. and now the compressor is grounded out... what could be causing this?

They told me that they bought the unit a little over 3 years ago from ARS. after a year, ARS, sent them a letter saying the unit needed an annual "maintenance." A week after they did the maintenance, the unit started acting up and ARS only offered a year warranty so they were going to charge them another 2k to put in a new compressor. I believe they did something underhanded, but now I'm trying to figure out what. I have to take this compressor out that I put in yesterday and swap it out again.