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Thread: Stolen Tools

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    Years ago The company I worked for sent my truck to be serviced at a transmission shop. This was on a Friday. They were instructed to keep the truck there until Monday and we would pick it up...Story goes the owner of the transmission shop wanted to help us out and returned the truck Sunday so it would be ready for me Monday morning..... When I got to work tools, window broken....
    I still reach for some of the tools that were taken .
    Hope you get all your tools back. I did not even get 1/2 of what mine were worth. (my fault I did not have a list of my tools, I do now.)
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    i knew a guy who kept a bucket of rusty tools in his truck and i asked why and he said cause no one will ever steal them

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    Sorry to hear about your tools. I'll be getting my truck next Monday just finished stocking it with the owner today. Definitely picked up some good advice reading through this, other than my homeowners. Thank you and best of luck recovering them.

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    If I see any with your initials on it in my area, I'll let you know.

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    about a year ago I was on a call went to my truck and there was a guy looking in the window and I said hey what the hell are you doing? he nervously responded O you do ac I used to do ac and was just curious and walked away well I locked up and went back to trouble shooting the system about 20 min later the same guy was at my truck with a screw driver he didn't see me Until it was to late.. Walked up to him and punched him right in the mouth and he ran off like a little *****. the owner of the condo called the police and said cars had been broken into right and left and thanked me for what she called street justice well I wanted to put him in the hospital that would have been justice! Taking my tools is taking food out of my kids mouth and thats not cool..
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    Stolen Items

    Quote Originally Posted by trippintl0 View Post
    Hey guys, I'm in Garland, TX (Near Dallas, TX). Woke up this morning to find my van had been broken into last night. If any of you guys visit pawn shops or whatever please keep an eye out for these tools:

    Testo 550 with hoses (~$400)
    Smith Versa-Torch Oxygen Acetylene with yellow regulator protectors ($450)
    Fluke 161 multimeter (120)
    Fluke 902 (150? dont remember)
    Klein multimeter amp clamp (dont know model) (120)
    Veto ProPac LC (Christmas present from wife , maybe 150?)
    DTEK Select leak detector (370)
    Yellow Jacket 41 gauges with hoses (120)
    JB gauges (didn't pay for these found on a roof)
    Yellow Jacket Vacuum Tree with two 3/8" black vacuum hoses and a 12" 1/4 vacuum hose (~300)
    SureFire Saint headlamp (150? Christmas present from my Father)
    Husky 3-drawer toolbox (35)
    Ridgid flaring tool ratcheting (the awesome one) (150.00)
    Imperial pinch off tool, tubing benders, swaging tools (100)
    Lots of awesome hand tools - mostly Klein, ChannelLock - at least 500 prob more

    Also stole some of company's stuff - 2 drums R22, 1 drum 404a, 1 drum 134a, all the soft copper tubing, THHN wiring.

    I'm estimating about a $3000 - 3500 loss for myself. Not counting company's stuff. I already spent 2000 today buying tools, and I didn't go back with digital gauges, just some yellow jacket analogs for now.

    For those religious please pray for our family as we are expecting twins in December and we have been saving our money for a MiniVan. Now all that money is spent on replacing my tools.

    I installed hockey-puck locks on the van today. I am also considering an alarm with an indicator on the remote key fob to alert me.

    The theft happened last night while we were asleep. The van was parked directly outside of our bedroom window in an apt complex, barely 6 ft away from our bedroom window. We have lived in the apt complex for 4 years and never anything stolen. (We even accidentally left our car door wide open one night a year ago and nothing was touched. It's not a bad neighborhood.)

    They punched out the locks in the driver side cab door and the rear cargo door. Didn't even damage the plastic handles, just punched out the locks and opened it up. It looks too dang easy. It's frustrating emotionally and it is frustrating since we have worked so hard saving up money. But we are trying to be positive and move on.

    Of course we filed police report, too. Thanks for your help.
    when did this happen? i see r22 on craigslist san antonio for 250/drum. Isnt that half price? Seems fishy to me.

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