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    Looking for part for Enerstat Zone Damper


    One of the zone dampers on my 2 zone system began making clicking noises. After inspection I can see that the motor is working and the small driving gear on the motor isn't in too bad shape, but this gear with a post shown in picture is skipping.

    I'm looking to replace this gear with post. can anyone suggest where to find parts for Enerstat Zone Dampers? I have tried locally already but it seems that this sytem is no longer used. The HVAC original installer took the part but brought it back a few days later without being repaired and no explaination (I wasn't home), so I think this part may be hard to find locally. Any help appreicated.

    Zone Damper specs:
    Enerstat Model DA 1812E2, 24VAC, 2 wire.

    Picture of sticker and gear attached.
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