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    Quote Originally Posted by y7turbo View Post
    I attached the bulletin from Trane..
    Haha I like it where it says damage to "some" of the control wiring..That is an understatement.
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    Thanks for the help everyone. I went to Trane today and they covered the motor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by flanders View Post
    Thanks for the help everyone. I went to Trane today and they covered the motor.
    Cool beans!!!!!
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    I just got off the phone with Trane, the units I'm working on are NOT covered.

    I got (2) 50ton Voyagers here, both are only 5 years old. 1 of the units BOTH combustion motors are running non stop and I just changed the motors.

    The other unit the combustion motor transformer fried and melted the wiring, this happend before, someone already repaired it..

    Its kind of funny, these larger Voyagers use the same transformers, combustion motors, and fail in the same manner as the smaller units but are not covered in the Bulletin.

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