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    york split question,subcool response

    2ton 15 yr old york split HP; txv; accumulator
    cooling look good but i decided to check my unit white the september heat was hot.

    Out amb 95, humidity 40
    press; 77, 225
    saturation temp 105 (looking for 95 at least) (10 above amb though)

    inside; TEET per feildpc good- 80 in 60 out

    SubCool abt 0
    I added 16 oz over 45 min time period and got very little reaction to subcool.
    Both pressures came up a little each time i added but settled back to the org pressures and sat temp.
    Dont have much exp with York but looks like the average system txv.

    The question; is the system low based on temp and pressures.
    coils are clean.

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    should have said liquid line temp and saturation temp abt the same. 105

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    what are your sub cool and super heat numbers
    Aire Force A/C and heating
    since 1988

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    to be honest, the only numbers that are needed for troubleshooting are sh and sc. these are the two numbers needed. if you have 0 subcooling it means you are low on charge but we need sh to verify and it may lead us to need other info.

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    I assume you read the 105 F, and the Sat temp at 225 is 109.5 not 105 so you have subcooling of 4.5. The DT at the evap is 20 F very good. The 77 P at your evap seems a hair low with those numbers but could be ok. I would have thought it would be closer to 85 P meaning a temp of 50. I bet your superheat was high and when you added the refrg it droped. Is the CFM lower than 800? Sounds like it might be. Check your superheat you may need a little more refrig.

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