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    All reponses are excellent and true. It is best to use oem start components. Hopefully american made. Have had alot of problems with chinese made caps. Also check electrical connections all the way back to panel for loose connections.

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    You did not give Condensing Unit model number. Is there a run cap in the system?
    If you really know how it works, you have an execellent chance of fixin' er up!

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    On the pr the coil is wired in parrarell with the start winding and has a pick up voltage higher than the run winding generally when the motor reaches aprrox. 75% of its speed the pickup voltage is reached and the nc contacts open and take out the sc and sw! The current relaly has its coil in series with the run winding and has a set of no contacts. When the motor gets up to approx. 75% speed the contacts open and take out the sc and sw

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