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    Totaline Setup Question

    I have a Totaline P/N P374-2900 thermostat, my question is can I set the thermostat using a two degree temp defferential, such as setting it at 68°lo & 70°hi ? what are the negatives to running such a close spread?
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    Are you running it in AUTO changeover, or HEAT or COOL mode? If you're setting HEAT or COOL mode yourself, it does not matter how close your set points are. If you're running it in AUTO change over, you could wind up overshooting your heating setpoint and having to cool back down below 70. Its good to have a larger dead band between your set points so the room temperature could float a bit more and you won't be running the compressor too much.

    You can also configure the thermostat for a max cycles per hour, which will prevent the compressor from cycling too much. Check the manual here:;sManual.pdf

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